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Artesia Park Junior High School

Weekly News from Principal Skinner

Hello Parents,

I hope everyone had a restful spring break! It was a little windy by the end of the week, but pretty nice other than that.

On top of all the baseball, softball, tennis, and track competitions happening in Artesia this week, our band students will have a pre-contest concert on Tuesday evening at 6:30 p.m. at the AHS auditorium. If you get a chance, come out and support all our students!

This week of school will be a short one. There will be no school on Friday, March 30 for Good Friday and Easter weekend.

These last nine weeks usually seems to go by the fastest. Please help your child stay on top of their grades right from the beginning. Students are busy with various extracurricular activities, and with the days getting longer, there is usually less time at night for homework by the time the kids get home. 

If your child is unable to take advantage of before and/or after-school tutoring we offer at school, there is a link on the Bulldogs website where your child can get online help from an expert tutor. My own children have used it before because I'm no help with their algebra! Click on the students tab and scroll down to online homework help.

Below are the tier 2 vocabulary terms for the week. I hope you have a fantastic week!

8th Grade Week 31 Vocabulary List:

  1. Allocate - Give out a certain portion
  2. Utilize - Use or make use of
  3. Bond – Something used to tie or fasten things together
  4. Underlie – Be the cause or the base of something; bring about
  5. Cooperate - Work together toward the same end
  6. Transport - Carry people or goods from one place to another
  7. Diverse - A variety; very different
  8. Transform - Change into something else
  9. Enhance - Increase in quality, value or power
  10. Trace - Copy; hint or residue (leftovers)

9th Grade Week 31 Tier 2 Vocabulary:

  1. Exacerbate - make worse
  2. Excerpt - a passage selected from a larger work
  3. Obscure - not clearly understood or expressed
  4. Obsolete - no longer in use
  5. Pacify - ease the anger, agitation, or strong emotion of
  6. Animosity - a feeling of ill will arousing active hostility
  7. Falter - move hesitatingly, as if about to give way
  8. Proponent - a person who pleads for a cause or propounds an idea
  9. Connotation - an idea that is implied or suggested
  10. Denotation - the most direct or specific meaning of a word or expression

Thank you,

Cody Skinner

Cody Skinner